Chris Neal
Chris began Capital Climbing in 2013 after shaping for several other companies in the climbing hold industry. Since then he has still been shaping many of Capital's popular hold series such as the Conglomerates, Geomancers, Black Gold and Grooves Series. 
Isaac Palatt
Routesetter/Sales Representative
Isaac started climbing in the 6th grade, in 1998, and has been consumed by the sport ever since. He began washing holds in exchange for his membership  at a gym in Los Angeles at age 15, and this eventually led him to his life's passion of professional route setting. Isaac was Capital Climbing's first Routesetter and Sales Representative to join the team in 2014, since then he has continued his pursuit within the routesetting community. He currently resides in Colorado with his orange tabby cat, Tufa King (cute), where he works as a routesetter and coach. He spends his weekends developing boulders and trying to repeat the many hard climbs that Colorado and the surrounding states have to offer.
Kurtis Oduber
Routesetter/Sales Representative
Kurtis became a member of Capital's Routesetting team at the beginning of 2016. With his enthusiasm and knowledge it was an easy choice to ask him to be a member of the team. He is currently a freelance routesetter all over Washington as well as other states throughout the United States. When not working he is spending time with his wife and daughter.
Kegan Minock
Routesetter/Shaper/Sales Representative
Kegan started climbing in 2003 at the age of 12. In 2008 he got his first routesetting job and has since then earned his Level 4 routesetting certification through USA Climbing and has set for National Level competitions. In 2014 he started shaping holds and caught the eye of Capital owner Chris Neal who offered to bring him on to Capital’s shaping team. Currently, Kegan is the General Manager and Head Routesetter at a gym in Denver, Colorado and has shaped the Slips, Sandies, and K-Holes. He enjoys to spend his free time going to comicon conventions with his wife and two kids.

Andy Nelson
Andy is a freelance shaper, part owner of Method Grips and route setter from Shakopee, MN. He has released over 700 shapes over his career including the Bubblebeam series that he has been shaping for Capital. When not shaping Andy can be found chasing his two boys or climbing on his large home wall with his amazing wife Janell.

Joey Jannsen
Joey Jannsen is 33 years old, from Portland, Oregon. Joey has been climbing for most of his life, spending his summers going outside, climbing at local basalt climbing areas. It wasn't until college that he actually climbed in a climbing gym. He began my routesetting career in 2007, in Southern Oregon, at the Rogue Rock Gym. From there, he moved up to Bend, Oregon, where he has been for the last six years as the Head Routesetter for the Bend Rock Gym. He has also spent the last four years expanding his knowledge of the climbing industry by doing some consulting work for new gyms, traveling to set for competitions, and shaping climbing holds. He really enjoys the entire creative process, from shaping holds, to setting routes, to organizing climbing competitions as well as commercial gym turnovers and scheduling. Every aspect of the job is fun, challenging, and exciting for Joey. He joined the team this year to bring his new shapes, the Blips, to life and we are excited to see where things go.

Sarah Filler
Routesetter/Sales Representative
Sarah Filler started climbing in 2006 and pretty soon after that began routesetting in 2007 at Niagara Climbing Center in Buffalo, NY. Currently she is the Head Routesetter at The Spot gyms in Colorado. In addition to setting at The Spot she spends a decent amount of time traveling to set for competitions, opening sets and teaching routesetting clinics. Outside of routesetting she enjoys hiking, reading (mostly Syfy- recommendations happily accepted), collecting tattoos and looking at dope pics of castles and doors on the internet.


Andreas Lerch
Canadian Routesetter/Sales Representative